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Wow I have the best friends in the whole wide world!
especially spencer, hes so thoughtful. I think this has to be the first valentines i've actually recieved anything that had thought and effort put into it.
He's so cute! I thought maybe my brother felt bad that he didnt do anything for me today because there was a bundle of flowers on his jacket, but he said they were delivered and they were actually from spen, who is san diego!
hes so cute and thoughtful, thanks spencer you are the best
I feel really happy.
and im actually pretty excited to go drop off flowers at sammy's with melanie because i think that is very thoughtful of her and really cute, maybe valentines doesnt mean you have to actually be with somebody and love them and have sex, you can just be good to a friend and it will still mean alot.
but then again ive never had sex and some people say its good, so maybe i cant compare the two? JUST KIDDING.
And i must say my special valentine satchel was amazing, i really liked those candy covered chocolate chips, thank you for dedicating your time and effort into it melanie, i love you.
And i also love RJ davis, indirectly, he was number one of my matchmaker form today. nick told him to go hit me up,
I was really upset this morning that there were no valentine cards from my family, i hand painted all of mine and there was just chocolate left there. i mean the chocolate was nice, im just someone who likes cards and stuff, and now i bet since i was upset during breakfast my mom will come home with something, but it wont be the same..
but anyways some of you guys should call me during the long break and hang out, because i actually want to hang out with some of you for once,
ok maybe not some,
like one..or two

4:37 p.m. - 2007-02-14


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