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I just don't really have anything that interesting to share with everyone lately!
uhm, last weekend was Aimee's birthday and it was really fun, stressful, but fun.
It was my first night out, i really liked dancing. Once I actually turn 18 I bet i will go dancing every weekend. But i think it's too stressful for me to go alot, haha i get anxiety attacks when they check my id.
now i'm sick, which sort of sucks because I am actually going to be busy this weekend. Tonight i am going to matt's to celebrate his coming of age by getting really d. I'm even planning on pregaming!!!
and then tomorrow I've got a little dance party to celebrate Kristi's 18th birthday, again by getting trashed, but this time with a bunch of girls. I think it will be so much fun because we never hang out. we are just going to get fucked, eat pizza, get high (minus me) and then have a dance party, or some dumb shit.
and we are going to repeat this by doing the same at competition in edmonton (hopefully) So miss ashley is going to have like 15 passed out dancers in her hotel room.
Today i did some running around but not really. I went to work to get my sched. i only have to shifts and they fucked up one and i was made. I have to miss grad committe on monday. then I went to mcdonalds and i saw ben and i almost had a panic attack in the car because he is gorgeous! then i stopped by aimee's because she had some of my shit from last weekend. including my jeans!!!!!!!!!!!! (SO today i went crazy, like pysco because I couldn't find my jeans anywhere, i looked absolutely every where in the house. and then finally i remembered i took them off at aimee's.. i felt so stupid.) aimee also gave me katie's sweater thinking it was mine, but i like it so i think i might wear it tonight!!! muhahah
yeah, i wish it was spring break already because I am just so stoked to get away and hopefully it will be hot. and there is so much stuff i want!!!!!

so yeah. have a good weekend!

4:25 p.m. - 2007-03-09


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