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Name one person you think is beautiful: Maile Crowe
Name one thing you think is fun: Driving
Name one place you want to visit: Montreal
Name one of your personal morals: Don't give in
Name one of your favorite curse words: Fuck
Name one site you visit regularly: just jared junior
Name one song you think describes you: A place in this world- Taylor Swift
Name one of your fears: Failure
Name one thing you love: Family
Name one thing you hate: Neglect
Name one language you want to learn: French
Name one occupation youd like to have: Working for Disney
Name one thing you want to accomplish before you die: Have children
Name one thing you are allergic to: anxiety
Name one odd fact about you: I like to use my brothers razors
Name one funny thing you saw today: A guy in a flames jersey at the mall during the game
Name one funny thing you said today: "You don't feel like wine, you feel like flesh and bones..like human!"
Name one thing that shocked you: snow
Name one thing you did that you knew was illegal: today: u-turns and sped.
Name one time you stayed up all night: last friday
Name one lesson you always hated: the lesson about all those dudes that ran our country
Name one thing that you really cant understand: accounting
Name one day you hate: the ones that feel too long
Name one person you love: scott
Name one thing you most regret doing: that time I died my hair orange
Name one thing you most regret not doing: not picking up hitch hikers
Name one band you want to see live: jonas brothers
Name one thing that changed your life: traveling
Name one song that makes you cry: Yellow bird
Name one time you feared for your life: every time I'm on a plane
Name one thing you like about your appearance: eye brows
Name one car you want to drive: hummer
Name one thing you would give your life for: klondike bar
Name one song you are embarrassed to say you like: 7 things- miley cyrus
Name one thing you like best about your life: How much I've learned from others
Name one film you had to see twice: life as a house
Name one thing that really annoys you: bad drivers
Name one time you felt depressed: when I forget to take my pills
Name one celebrity you want to shag: james franco
Name one time you felt like a fake: White party in Australia
Name one thing you do every day without fail: talk
Name one time you felt rejected: hearing about my friends lives without me
Name one crazy place you fell asleep: no where
Name one time you felt on top of the world: parkade
Name one friend that you miss: Elise

What’s the longest you’ve traveled by car? 15 to Victoria
Have you ever traveled out of state? Out of province yes!
If so, how many times? so many. mostly Saskatoon and Edmonton
Do you have a passport? Yes
If so, how many stamps and how long have you had it? so many, Europe, Mexico, US, Aus, Thai, Japan, Laos
Are you a fugitive? Nope
Have you been on a helicopter? I wish
Have you ever been on a boat/ship? A boat and a ship yes
Ever been in an airplane? Many times
If so, how many times and longest ride? Probably flying from LA to Sydney
Would you ride in a little airplane? probably not
Been on a hot air balloon? yeah
What about a blimp? no
Any other kind of transportation not listed? Ferry's yeah and trains!
Lived in another country? Never as a permanent resident, but I will some day!
If so, how many years? :(
What foods have you eaten that nobody else would normally eat? squid..thats it
Have you ever been in any danger in another country? not yet
Where would you travel if you’ve never traveled out of state or country? Spain and Greece
When is your next vacation? when I have enough money
Do you have relatives out of state or out of the country? nope. well exttttteeeended in England, Germany and LA
Have you been on a cruise? dream
If so what cruise lines and to where? n/a
Do you travel out of state just to go hunting or fishing? Never.
Have you only traveled out of state or country for work? I wish
Would you rather travel to Canada or Brazil? Canada
Where did your relatives originate from? Scotland
Have you been there? No
If not, would you like to go there? Yeah!
Would you rather travel to Switzerland or Japan? Been to Switzerland and I would rather go back
Do you plan on moving? Yes.
If so, where are you going? out of my parents house. Maybe Vic next year
Would you let your significant other go to work out of state or another country for a couple months? Why not? Travel is the best thing ever
Would you let them go on vacation for a couple weeks without you? sure
Would you go out of the country to adopt a child, even if danger may be involved? I sort of want to have my own children but we will see..
Would you go out of the country to get surgery done? I would if I needed to
Do you know how to speak a different language? no
If so, how many? none
What country would you not want to go visit? Greece
Why? Beauty
Do you know how to drive or operate something other than a car? Yes
If so, what? A body

4:22 a.m. - 2009-04-23


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