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soo last night was alright. we went to the mall and we were standing in our little circle and i saw derek!! hes so cute, and he was with him mom <3<3/ i was to shy to say hi, but then we saw jon cause he works and cinnzoe or whatever and he was giving out free samples. then we saww tyler, and his hiar is short cause older kids cut it? so he had to shave the whole thing..mm its my birthday on wednesday and i dont know what i want ...anyways then we left and walked up to bens and when we were almost there benette pulled up and was asking if we were going, and he was really hot. then there was a few people at bens. and then lots came. everyone was smoking there cigars outside and shit, i just stood there. there was alot of people i didnt know, but they are in my grade at wisewood, and elli was there and shes really nice, same with alana..and then everyone got kicked out cause parents came and stuff. and it was sort of scary cause i wasnt with aimee or katie or mel, but we all went to a field. and it was cold and lame, and there was like 40 of us haha..and yeah we were there for a while with everyone and then we got picked up by a taxi, after i called my brother like 2746 times asking for a ride. then we went to mels, and met donald, haha then jamie. then slept. i was sooo effing tired. i love sleep overs with melanie, or at mels house. they are fun. she always has something fun to do

anyways. i dont feel good today? not in like stomach just, everything. i need to think about stuff, but theres so much to think about i cant, ughhsff048846u

6:29 p.m. - 2004-09-19


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