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my heart was bleeding for you

FINALLY the damn thing wouldnt let me write an entry....SO MY BROTHER JUST GOT HOME eekk i hide behind the door but he went the other way so i had to run out..and uhh the first thing he said was " WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THOSE"..cause i am uhhh in his boxers haha uhmm so what a boring day, i guess me and my mom are on better trails. i think it was good i spent pretty much my whole weekend with her.
uhmm so, wow talk about nothing to write about...I hope tomorrow at school will be fun. im excited to be with everyone..ANd thenn kristins dinner thing. im excited i hope people dress up? i am going to, sorta, well my new stuff i got last weekend ...
i uhh yeah.....soo my week wont be to exciting, till friday, me and meltron are going to a show, i wish ten second epic was playing..i hope we dont see sandra. or brit. i mean but yeah?
i wish i had a hamster

7:06 p.m. - 2004-11-14


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