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fcc. omg? courtneys ditching

record for diary entries in one day?..
so i was writing a nice happy entry in my real journal and stopped cause i feel like shit.
IM sorry im always this big problem to all of you. SORRY that ive changed and am no longer cool. I do have other friends and like hanging out with them to, its not like i dont want to see you guys anymore. Im just not the sort of person who can hang out with the same people all the time. Im sorry if ive been a bitch but i guess im just one hell of a mess up hey?..
God, i feel like, i dont know, im such a dissapointment?..I dont know how you can go from having a nice day and being so happy to not even wanting to talk to anyone. Its all the argueing. that seems to be all anyone does anymore. nothing has anything nice to say anymore. im so, urghh things were good then this whole week i havent even talked to half my friends. i actually dont know whathappen, cause nothing went wrong. i guess it was just me being me, its always me isnt it?

6:50 p.m. - 2004-11-20


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