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took the bus with melisssssss...then i walked around with taylor for abit, had social first which was really lame ..at lunch me katie and wyatt went to starbucks and shoppers ( of course luke and taylor went to lukes)..then i had science so we just watched viva la bam again..
then swimmmingg it was pretty fun today, codys in our group and melanie and we wore flippers, nick was wearing a speado it was so cute, hes so small...then cody UNDID my top..i was mad, but im pretty sure no one saw anything cause i was fast and got brittney to do it up, then i walked with tay to the bus stop and went home, i saw that joel guy at the stop, but i didnt look at him cause i was to embarrased and stuff.. i have dance in an hour,then the occccccccc...
today kaia came up to wyatt when me and him were walking to gym and he sorta just forgot about me and they were all <3<3 and hugged. then i didnt say anything for a while, but i dont think he noticed...i hate waiting for him when hes with her, i feel so, i dont knowww UHSH I dont know what to do tomorrow melanieeeeeeeee

6:48 p.m. - 2004-12-02


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