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i lost my marbles

ii uhhh had a ok day. everythings been bothering me, everything just gets on my nerves all the times, and no one cares and it makes me even more mad..FJBFJC.
uhmm anyways mom droveme and uhhh had school, then stl of course went to lukes so i ate with pam, and it was good...i saw jason, and i wanted to wave...but i didnt and like probably looked really dumb, so i ran into the washrooms with pam...me and jason and david tucker (who i dont think knows yet) but were going to 7v! on monday...im reallllly excited!! jasons so cute with his rosy cheeks and ill probably be all shy though...and jason said all the jews follow david hahah...then i uhh had more school. after school me and aimee walked with stl and k...?...uhh and yeah they were being weird and only spencer was really talking to us ( i like his hair its nice)...but yeah i was getting angry how people were acting today...but me and aimee went to chinook, and found a scarf haha uhhh then uhh went to the movie, and me and aimee schooled all the girls in a race to the ctrain station..i ran into caolan..it was short but nice...then uhh we went to katies and stuff and it was cool....her birds are mental though..
anyways yes..well uhghh. i just... why do i always get so frustraited..
toodles got his marbles///i <3 him

12:04 a.m. - 2004-12-11


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