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i just found a friend, in one of your lives

im sick.
and im in a bad mood. people can really ruin christmas for you. i hate when you think things are kinda back on the right track they never are. and something mean, or hurtful that you think you didnt deserve comes up. sucks alott..
i dont even know what im doing today...i kinda just got home from melanies, we are both sick. i think last night was kind of one of my most fun nights, and ive never laughed so hard...oh god. you should see the pictures we have.
anyways i took my shower and i still have to get dressed. i dont know if were still going to hang out with cody and derek (i hope) but melanies sick to sooo i dont know, and we didnt know what we could do...
anyways im outtaa here.

12:41 p.m. - 2004-12-23


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