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WOW man big day!
uhmmm i met melanie and we bussed it to glenmore landing and went to the bank, then mcdonalds then stores the safeway and melanie bought gloves then to starbucks, but katie wasnt aloud to pick us so we found other transportation and came to melanies.
then we were spossed to go to a movie with melanies friend cody and derek!! but we couldnt catch the bus...so we didnt go :( buttt
uhmm then katie came over!! and we drove around and went to kellans for a pit stop then just came home and hung around for a bit then we were going to go for tea with the boys but the bus was too long and its so cold, and katie wouldnt drive sooo we didnt go..
melanies spossed to do something with cody tomorrow. and maybe i will come, and hopefully derek will come cause hes really cute and i want to hang out with him
i wish i could drive and see them and throw eggs at houses and finger little kids...
but till next time
the cfc crew.

10:16 p.m. - 2004-12-22


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