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wellll...today i woke up alllot later then i wanted to and katie called from her exam and later picked me up and me her and mel went to my school and i dropped some shiat off. and i ran into wyatt and he said random rude remarks to me, then we left and went to chinooooook and met sionade and kelly and uhh fun in disney store.. thennn we went to go to a movie and we ran into PAM and joel and chad and otherss..and sionade and kelly went to a movie but me katie and mel just left and stopped at me home to get ye stuff then to melanies. i destroyed her closet.i love melanies clothes, anywaysss no ride to the show, so we took the bus, which was sorta cold, buttt we got off at like perfect location, melanie is so smart. the show was alright, some girl flew into me and like elbowed my hip bone, it hurt but im a boy so i sucked it up right,...dane wasnt there, or denis i was dissapointed i didnt really see anyone i knew......denissssssssssssss:(
i used to run into him sooo much no i havent seen him forever..
OHHH i forgot! haha i saw austin at chinook hes so silly..and was appologizing for me, silly boi.
anyways listened to space jam on the way home it was kewl and funny how me and melanie knew alllll the words..
but i have fricken dance tomorrow, and not just stretch now im filling in for my friend so i have to go to rehearal at 4...what a bad time. 4..to 5...5!!! thats like bad. but i guess not cause melanie is going snowboarding, and i have to stay home and study cause my mom is really mad at meeee johnston wrote me a nice email today it made me all happy and such..thank mannnnnnnn

11:07 p.m. - 2005-01-14


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