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maybe if i..

im dieing..slowly. in pain, and head hurts.
i was so glad i was the only one for ballet tonight, cause it was cancelled, even though i ended up sitting there waiting for scott for the most part of when the class would be.
melanie and katie came over and we played tony hawk. thats pretty much all we did. i watched star wars before they came. melanie addicted me. OC STARWARS VICE VERS???...anyways..yeah me and my braaaa just watched tv and it was funny and he made me stop at this plastic surgery story thing and hes like "im gonna see some boobssssss"
that reminds me of when those guys were over and found the calander for breast cancer, and it was pictures of boobs, and they were all going off. seriously, they need to mature. the calender is not for boys to get boners but for a actual reason retards.
anyways im thinking im going to watch the rest of the starwars...and sleep in even though im spossed to be at school at like....9? but maybe if i go later....

10:43 p.m. - 2005-01-24


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