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well yesterday was fun, compared to the rest of my week where i did practicly nothing. but me and mel went to go meet derek and he was with austin and leum, liam.?!?!..but uhh they got ditched so we tagged along with them to the zoo and melanie got a pass that said stankhie berger..hah but uhhh i think we spent the majority of the time on the park which was cooool, and fun, austins so funny.. and derek and liam jumped this gap and it was scary.. later we went to kensington?..and waited for liam and ate pizza and stuff and yeah then went with them to this girls house, and denis was there!!! but he had to leave.. gerri was there too, but he didnt really seem to interested in talking to us so we just watched the oc and this skate vid which luke gonis was in.ha......uhhh then we had to leave right when denis got there it kinda sucked? but when we left he gave us hugs haha...but yeah me and mel are so bad at finding things, we were so lost trying to find beaverbrook, it was sorta scary but we finally found it.
now im leaving today at like, 2
i hope my parents buy me a cell phone, like i get in so much shit cause my other friends dont pick up their phones cause their out of batteries, when they could just directly call me if i had one for myself. NRUBBF..and sorry for anyone my mutha had to call.frick
P.S. I met alot of cutttttttteee boys last night and austins friend was cute

12:50 p.m. - 2005-01-28


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