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noma noma nomana

ello? salute?
haha uhhh
i never really have any good phone calls with people.. only like johnston sometimes,.. i wish i did, if people would actually phone me.. im getting a cell phone next friday. call k.
uhm today i hung out with the cc. but its now like lazy people. haha but yeah we went for lunch, i felt bad cause max broke his collar bone and he couldnt laugh cause it hurt. we went for slurpees then played zelda then drove around for a bit. we decided to stop at joeys before going to the fire..which was ok, i had fun, probably more if i wasnt excited to go to the bonfire..but we ended up staying at joeys for food and by the time we left the fire was done? cause cops or something..so we turned around to go to another party and the cops broke that one up too?? so we just drove around and sat on the car and drove haha..
max was funny
he was on t3 and he was ..yeah funny.
anyways yeah... i like those guys.
i wish we went to the powwow though.. cute boyz aha..
mmm oh i went to the doctors, and they took xrays ...
ughh i have to work tomorroww...at 10!!! eff????
uhmm wow i never really have anything good to say,
but i like lots of boys and i hope things work out with anyone..

11:53 p.m. - 2005-04-15


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