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rain rain go away

i still havent left for school yet.. im not really in a mood to see anyone there
i guess starwars will be fun alot of people are going.
i hate when people say something that i did not say. aka one of my best friends who said i said he just uses me to hang out with my friends, i didnt say that, and obviously if you hang out with them when im not there, its not using me.. and your my best friend so its not going to be like your not hanging out with me.
it seems everything is just pointed towards me, or blamed on me, or...
well its gay
ellen then generous had this little boy on her show, he was so funnnnnnny and add and couldnt concentrate.
ughhhh, things have been so different since the beginning of the year, i dont hang out with people just me and them that much anymore, and i miss it.
fat lip go away...1*#&*$^&^#&*^&$*(&(#^)*#$


11:49 a.m. - 2005-05-19


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