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well hello.
jeez i cant believe im actually writing in this at this point of insanity but it seems that i had such a good/bad day that i will have to write every point..(that i remember) down..
so i went to work around 10:30.. another girl got fired. yikes, peaced like redemere and went to the nisson dealership to test drive cars then got dumped at my cribes but left to chinook to meet ryan ben and alex f.. we just yeah chilled there for like a bit and went to kensington i dont know why cause we just left right away but then we went even farther and just chilled with boiis and satchels..and ate some wendys. we eneded up going to some random guy andrews house you ended up being a really cool guy..and he had really sweet friends. my babes and bois showed up and were like yo, so we kinda peaced and droped ben off then went to some random location and i had a lame ass talk with the bff.. then we randomly were with isaac and went to this party where matt syd was? and i talked to him..and this other cute boy from my school? and then i saw adam weaver who totally didnt know who i was but i just went on introducing myself and he went YO SHIT GRADE 10.. EWW I DONT TOUCH THAT SHIT..
i hope he was kidding but
yeah i was happy the girls showed up for real..
and it was tight meeting all the people i did..it was just what i needed. but the night kinda did get the best of me.. yikes but i guess yeah.. people still dont understand.
and shit it was the boy from the bus 56 no lies..
haha SHIT
ombobomvomv though?

12:32 a.m. - 2005-06-26


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