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its ringing

remember that kid who was always so glad just to be there, just to be with you
remember how he would always stand up for everything you believed in just that much more than you, so you could feel secure. he was what pushed you, pleased you, inspired you..
and how just talking made the difference or just one day together felt like the world. do you remember how he influenced everyone, it seemed like everyone wanted to see the world through his eyes to see how great it looks for them. believing in everything and making sure every single persons day was that much better. that was most definatly the best part of last year, and i loved every second of it and every chance i was able to be with him
remember when it seemed like he hid though?..as if the world turned cold cause there was no drive, no one by your side pushing you no one to make you laugh or to understand. playing nintendo just wasnt the same.
i missed him you know,
but i have this feeling hes coming back

11:18 a.m. - 2005-08-26


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