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i dont want to

today i didnt eat lunch because i think my love handles might be getting a tad bigger, even though i wear pretty baggy clothing i want to make sure that when i look at my naked body by myself in the bathroom that i look perfect so that i can feel good about myself because lately ive been feeling very self concious, i think these extra 3 pounds of fat have been doing alot to my image lately.. i mean who wants to be known for fitting into a size 1 pant, i mean common, if you dont fit into a 0 there isnt a chance of any one noticing you...even under these baggy clothes where you cant see my bursting ribs and body itching for help..just a little more food please, people are going to finally notice the fragile skinny body of mine and feel scared and wonder why i cant love my self for who i am.
eat your fucking heart out
fuck fuck fuck
and oh yeah

10:15 p.m. - 2006-02-06


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