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alot of bling

at work today that boy that winked at us came in. he was really cute, i felt embarrased.
work was long and annoying.
when you fold clothes you really think about things alot, i think more at work than i do before i go to bed.
i had a lot of fun last night, me and heather got off work at the same time so we went to mcdonalds then picked up spen then were going to pick up nick but he ditched because some grade 10 threatened to never talk to him again. anyways we went to a construction house then heritage park and the boats and stuff and just wandered around, im too much of a wuss to go into the woods and stuff. later we picked up luke and nick and went to the graveyard. it was pretty sketchy, i think we will have to go back when we have more time. i want to find all the sketchy places in calgary

5:58 p.m. - 2006-02-12


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