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things are going really swell right now.
it's funny how certain things change your views on situations.
School ends so fast, I will never see half of these people again. I need to start hanging out with people and mending friendships so maybe I can keep some of them.

I am such a bitch

Our floor hockey team won our game today! Pretty exciting, I like winning, it's actually so nice to win sometimes, you feel good.
Even though I do shit all and really it's the guys on my team that are awsome hockey players.
It's weird because when you are friends with someone you don't really think about what they are good at, it's just "ok we are friends and thats all"
but its crazy, some of the things you learn when you see people in their element!

I can't wait for the weekend,
and the next weekend.

p.s Johnston is really funny!

5:39 p.m. - 2007-05-24


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