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My last exam is tomorrow. It's a love-hate feeling. I am so glad to finally be over, because I am very ready to embrace summer, but I am not looking forward to my accounting final what so ever.
I don't even feel like I am retaining information anymore. I just wish we could use our text books for the exam. I think I would be able to do so much better, I just need examples to look at...that's all I'm asking for!

I've been sitting in the same cubicle for the last week. Well, excluding the day someone decided to be lame and sit in there without my permission. It's quite cozy. Except everyone in the 'silent room' beside us decided to come out here to answer their phone or talk really loud. Excuse me! But this is still a study area thank you very much.

I'm not too sure what I am going to do tomorrow in celebration. I asked Garret if he wanted to go for lunch or something. Seeing as we both had accounting as our final exam and he leaves back to Drumheller this weekend. But I'm pretty sure he totally blew me off because he gave me a 'I'll call you this week' and I am still yet to hear from him. Maybe I can hang out with Lauren if she's not too busy. I also have to squeeze in a day to see Brooks before he leaves with his brother for Ireland. I saw him earlier when I first got to school and we sat down for a bit. I think it will be sad not seeing him next year, but then again I didn't see him much this semester. But he wanted me to try and get in all his classes cause he missed me, and his best friend is coming to MRC next year and he wanted me to meet him.

I also talked to Caolan. It's been such a long time since I've talked to him. He's living at his cabin in Invermere for 4 months this summer and will bartending. I am extremely jealous, sounds like a pretty fun summer. He also asked if I was going to Anna-Lee's birthday because he was planning on going. He said he is supposed to be the DJ. Maybe if I can find someone from dance to come with me I will go. It would be nice to see Caolan because well, I haven't seen him for quite sometime!

Anyways I better get back to studying. I'm probably only going to be at school for another hour or so. I'm getting really drowsy. I think I've become too dependent on redbull these last few days and I haven't had my fix today. I think it's taken it's toll on me though. I always find myself sitting there shaking my legs and my heart hurts it pumping so hard and fast! Actually funny story. I planned on coming to school early so I could study then come home to watch the Jonas Brothers on Oprah. But when my mom came in my room at 8 asking if I wanted to drive her to work so I had the car I said no. I slept in and woke up what seemed like only a few hours lately. I told myself the latest I wanted to sleep was 12 so I checked the clock to see how long I had. I looked and it was 2! I seriously don't know how it happened. I think I just really needed the sleep.

7:43 p.m. - 2008-04-24


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