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today was alright, dressed up for halloween. well some poeple didnt think i did, cause i dressed like a nerd, and i guess i am already so, GREAT COSTUME IDEA COURTNEY...and yeah shannon was too, and then yeah i saw some friends in the morning and i went to gym, and then walked to science with denis, and we sort of talked, more...and then i walked with wyatt. for lunch we went to shoppers and saw sam in starbucks and it was alright, then i had drama and it was fun we just slept and i kept poking luke...then i had social and it was boringggg..after school stl wasnt there, and i was mad, well..i dont know, it seems like they didnt want to hang out with me, cause taylor and spencer said they couldnt hang out, but they went to the mall and lukes house, mel said she saw them. i really miss mel, sheslike the best person, shes so fun and so nice, and i have so much crazy fun hanging out with her, i hope we do something soonnn...but anyways i went to mcdonalds with alana shannon and rhys and them, and brett came like right when i left, so me and ivor walked to southland to catch the bus and my feet were so cold..and we played this punching game it was funnn then i came home, and here i am waiting to hear from kristin, im spossed to do something with her tonight, and maybe wyatt and maybe samm...and i have my winter jacket on and its so effing hot

7:47 p.m. - 2004-10-29


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