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i slept in today and my brother was getting really mad cause he was the one who had to get me up. but he made me a lunch today, it wasnt too healthy though, there wasnt even a sandwich just like goodies, cant complain though!
school was so boring when i got there, no one is that much fun lately, everythings so boring, i always pretend who ever im talking to is actually like one of my bffeae cause i know if they were there we would actually be like having fun or something.
im pretty stoked on halloween though..i have a really big hunch the dance is going to be loser fest cause some loser today wanted to bring like 20 of their friends. but thats ok.
im being donnie darko LOLWOLWL im so excited, even though i wont look anything like him, and i cant find a skeleton costume.
today i went costume seeking with kelly b and her mommy. we went to like toys r us and super store then finally got lady bug costumes from zellars, i kinda wish now we got those strawberry hats and were strawberrys..or we were kermat and the frog, or twinkies.
i dont wanna dance
i dont wanna do homework
i dont wanna do other stuff
i just want to be donnie darko 24/7

5:45 p.m. - 2005-10-25


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