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last night i went to the dance LOLOLLL i was donnie darko and katie was a pirate.. i think the only one who knew who i was was aviva..
i dance alot and did black girl butt shaking with kendall lauren and alana in the middle of the circle
haha im watching a dunkin donut commerical..its funny haha.
anyways today i woke up late again! oh man, but i made it to school! school was pretty lame other than cutting up a lamb heart, it was pretty interesting i love stuff like that. then i almost talked to my lover and then i went home and found katies book!
then i got dressed really quick and went to my interview, i dont know if i did so well, but i guess ill find out soon.
when i was waiting at the bus stop i fell in love with this boy, he was so cute, so i sat beside him on the bench then on the bus then randomly it hit me who he was.. i dont really know him, but i think i sorta met him last year, he wasnt that cute then! i think he cut his hair... i think katie knows him..
anyways..got dance and shizznat so bye

6:28 p.m. - 2005-10-27


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