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whatever i do i always have to think;
is he watching?
everythings been making me mad, i hate how I can never be upset and it seems to make people mad when i am. i had a crappy morning and it wasnt any better having to go to a math tutorial for a cum after working all night and trying to finish a paper at 11 and not even being able to see the new employee.
my weekends going to suck now that i have to do invatory, i dont know how tyler got away with not doing it, screw seniors. i better work with this new guy fuck.
and thank goodness our paper in social wasnt due today, there was actually like 1 fourth of our class all in the library at lunch freaking out.
and im not talking to like three people right now, for not very good reasons. i dont even know why we avoid each other because we havent said anything to each other..
i hope me and lauren and ali have our sleep over cause i feel like munching, chatting, bitching, gossiping, and watching sleepover, and playing ddr

4:41 p.m. - 2006-03-07


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